Sunday, July 26, 2015

Family Day At The Track

Family Day At The Track
10" x 10"
oil on canvas

These two women at Saratoga National Race Track found a spot in the sun and a moment of quiet while surrounded by their children's things. Their picnic is set up on the table in the shade.

Normally, I would paint this three or four feet wide, but the Saratoga Arts Center is having a show called "10 x 10" only of artworks of this tiny dimension, so I tried it. This is the third one that I am entering in the show. I like the size better than the diminutive 6" x 6" format I've been painting for the daily paintworks movement (see DPW), I can get a cleaner line and the fractured color I favor even in large paintings is easier to execute at this size.

This painting will be on display at the Saratoga Arts summer exhibition, "10 x 10 = 100," Opening Saturday, August 1st, and can be purchased through them,

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